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Hanna + Robb // Stillwater Engagement

I like to shoot with couples that embody everything that I'm trying to do as a photographer. I want to capture your story. No one else's. Just you being the incredible freakin' human being that you are. 

My ideal clients are vivacious people who are curious, adventurous, and compassionate about the world around them. They push each other to dig deeper, go further, and to never be satisfied with the status quo. When I'm photographing couples, I want all the good vibes, love, and passion to ooze out them. I want to feel their love radiate and to experience the couple for who they are. If they're into fart jokes and sarcastic jabs, I'm all about that. If they're into all the romance and passion, I'm so into that too. I want my couples to gimme all their good, yummy love just as it is.

Hanna + Robb did just that and they're ridiculously good lookin' on top of that. HOT DAMN!

I think that makes Hanna + Robb's love so freakin' good is their selflessness and compassion towards the other person. They understand each other's love language and act upon that with random surprises, passion projects, and quality time. 

*These two aren't actually engaged, but I gotta say it in the title for that good ol' SEO, ya know? I know you just got really excited, but that ring will have to wait... for now*

Mary // Class of 2017 // Minneapolis Senior Photographer

Mary, oh Mary. What can I say about Mary?

First, she's a total sweetheart. I cannot even begin to tell you how genuine and compassionate this girl is. I can tell she's the type of girl everyone wants to be friends with simply because she takes the time to want to get to know you, to want to be your friend, and to want to be involved with you.

Secondly, she's a total babe. I mean look at her. Enough said.

Thirdly, she's the exact type of senior I want to be photographing. Yes she's pretty, stylish, and yes she's bubbly, but she's more than just that. She's smart. She's independent. She's involved (SADD, volunteering, basketball, humanitarian work, just to name a few) She works hard and goes for what she wants, but doesn't take herself or life too seriously. I loved working with Mary because she's confident in who she is and isn't afraid of being herself. She and I even share the same pet peeve of when people walk too slow (I mean, okay, have you ever been on a narrow sidewalk and don't know exactly how to pace yourself with the person walking ahead of you?!?!?)

If you haven't seen this kick ass video that my friend Kyle Morgan put together for me, watch it below. It gives you an inside look into how my senior shoots really go down. We're not doing weird poses or anything forced. Instead, we talk, laugh, and I might even sing "Work" to you and attempt to dance along. 

My girl Jen is on hair and makeup, and kills it per usual. Jen does an awesome job at highlighting all your beautiful features without transforming you into someone you're not. She's spunky, wild, and a ton of fun, so you should totally have her along for the ride too. 

I can't wait for the Class of 2017. If you're like Mary and want an individualized, fashion forward, and full of life type of senior shoot, I just might be the photographer for you. I would love to get to hang out with you for a few hours and genuinely get to know you, while you find out all the weird things about me (like how much I love obese cats, have a strange obsession with 90s r+b, and just how ungraceful I really am enough though I was a gymnast).

I can't wait to meet all you babes!

I'd love to learn your story. Let's get chattin'

Colleen + James // Minneapolis Lifestyle Photographer

Colleen and James are like the rockstar creative couple of MPLS. She's quickly climbing to the top of MPLS' photo queen scene and he's a genius UX designer at a local agency. #DreamTeam

I've been lucky enough to assist Colleen at a few of her shoots and weddings. What I love about her is her calm and warm demeanor. She's genuine, easily likable, and talented, which is probably why she's killin' it at the photo game.

So when she told me she wanted me to take photos of her and her James at their new house, I was all in. Plus, they just adopted a new puppy, and who doesn't love puppies? As a duo, Colleen and James are electric. They're two people, so in love with each other and the world and people around them. They're the type of people all us photographers just dream of photographing because they're not only smokin' hot (and funny!), but also so willing to let us into their lives in order to create a compelling visual love story. Thanks, you two. 

Check out her work here.

I am still booking for 2016! I'd love to meet with you, drink some wine, and talk about your love stories. Contact me here.

Best Moments of 2015 // Minneapolis Lifestyle Wedding and Senior Photographer

2015 was a really big year for me. 

I know everyone says that every year and then they revel in all their accomplishments, personal development, and other thrilling life stories that made their year one of a kind. Then, they thank all their family and friends that supported them along the way and say they can't wait for what 2016 has to bring. BRING IT ON 2016, they say. BRING IT ON. 

Well, what they don't tell you is that all big accomplishments come with some level of disappointment or hardship. I try my best to be as transparent with you all, however, in my creative world of beautiful aesthetics and perfectly crafted images, it's hard to keep up those appearances. While I don't think I portray my life as perfect or in the #LiveAuthentic sort of way, I still think there are people out there who think my life is some sort of perfect concoction of beauty and never ending excitement.  

Well, it's not, and 2015 has taught me that more than any other year and I am totally okay with that.

Here's what made my 2015 bigger (and scarier) than previous years:

  • I graduated college a year and a half early from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities with a B.A in Strategic Communications, Magna Cum Laude (Now I'm apart of the real world. Scary).
  • I moved into a lofted artist community downtown Minneapolis with my boyfriend (Taking the relationship to the next level. Scary).
  • I turned 21 (What's scary is the price of good alcohol).

With all these exciting (and scary!) moments in my life, one could say I'm finally #adulting. While I've always prided myself on my maturity and high level of responsibilities, I truly believe 2015 was a growing year for me. To me, #adulting is more than moving into your first apartment, paying your own bills, and graduating college. It's becoming vulnerable to the unpredictable world out there. It's about growing compassionate and empathetic towards others, especially those outside your own comfortable circle. It's about growing selfless for the people you love. It's about learning to be okay with life's fabulous imperfections. 

As my perspective on the real world matures, my perspective for photography also changes. I'm less worried about the technical and perfection, and more focused on the raw and authentic beauty that comes from imperfection. I want my images to evoke the movement and depth that comes from passion and love, and I think I'm a few steps closer to achieving that. I also had the honor of second shooting for some of MN's best such as Matt Lien, Geneoh, and 2nd Truth. It's other photographers like these who are constantly inspiring me to never stop. 

While I am never going to be satisfied with what I do, that hunger is what will drive me to continue to improve myself. 2016 is already looking up to be a year of exploration, challenge, and even more growth.


I am currently booking for 2016 weddings and would love to help tell your story in the most authentic, creative, and empathetic way I know how to. 


Rebekah + Spencer

I've always been a pretty simple person. I can remember my mother telling me at such a young age that "less is more," and while I nodded and agreed with her at the time, I whole heartedly agree with her now. Mom, you're always right.

The same thing goes for weddings. I've been to more weddings than any 21 year old ever should. I've seen a lot of different types too. From the traditional church ceremony and hotel reception, to the ultra sparkly + glam country club ordeal, and the intimate backyard weddings. My favorite weddings have always, always, always been the ones that aren't the huge, glam, and snazzy ordeals. Instead, I love the weddings that aren't forced or some huge made up production. They're genuine, warm, and imperfect in the best way.

I absolutely gravitate towards the couples who are untraditional and simple. They could honestly care less about the table seatings or making their wedding look like it came out of a bridal magazine. I'm not saying I don't appreciate pretty weddings. I do. I love pretty weddings. But, for me, I'm trying to document your day in the most authentic way. The details from your wedding have nothing to do with your love story. Sure, I care about the aesthetics, definitely, but I care more about you and your fiance. Your love. The love your family and friends have for you. Your happiness. Your story. 

Rebekah and Spencer were the epitome of my ideal client. First off, they had their wedding at the Bachelor Farmer in the North Loop. With an absolute maximum limit of 50 guests, Rebekah and Spencer only invited the people they truly cared about. These were the people who truly impacted their lives in the best way. There was no fluff. No bull shit. No drama.

Secondly, these two strayed completely away from the traditional black tux and sparkly white wedding dress. He wore a nicely fitted navy suit and she wore a black chiffon evening gown from Saks. Rebekah didn't feel the need to fit into the old wedding tradition of wearing the white dress. Instead, she wore something she was comfortable in and something that felt more "her". There was no glitz. No fuss. No pretending.

Thirdly, their ceremony was literally two minutes long. Their friend, who officiated the ceremony, read a profound poem then Rebekah and Spencer read their vows, kissed, and went on to celebrating. They even left their rings at home because they didn't need a tangible object to define their love and respect for each other.

Lastly, their portraits were spot on. I had nearly an hour to run around the North Loop with these two. It was great. You could tell they cared about getting great photos, however, they were so nonchalant about the whole thing. They never took themselves too seriously, but had the perfect mixture of intimate + romantic moments and the goofy + happy ones. 

Rebekah + Spencer's day was the most refreshing wedding to date. They did exactly what they wanted to and didn't let old traditions get in the way of what they wanted to do. There was nothing but love, meaningful chats, and good vibes the whole night. Oh, and the craft cocktails and delicious food was an added bonus.