Mara // Class of 2017 // Minneapolis Senior Photographer

Mara is another one of my seniors reps for the Class of 2017. She's a bombshell babe from SPCPA, who is an incredibly talented dancer with a bubbly personality [and amazingly beautiful hair]. 

I love shooting kids from SPCPA because they are all fearless in their own way. Whether that be dancing, acting or musical performance, each student has their own unique voice, developed discipline, and want to be heard. However, they also have interests that go well beyond their love for their art. Their perspective is incredibly different given their untraditional schooling, each with a maturity and independence well beyond what me or any of my friends were at the age of 17. Aka they're like the coolest high school kids ever. 

Mara is no different. She's a poised and beautiful dancer [and pretty freakin' rad], but you already knew that. Additionally, she's involved with student council at her school and says environmental justice is one of her other passions outside of dance. She's always ready to lend a helping hand and is willing to take a risk even if the odds are stacked up against her. That's what makes Mara a fearless senior from the Class of 2017. 

If you are a fearless senior, tell me why. I can't wait to tell your story.  

Hair/makeup: Jen Des Lauriers, as usual

Best Moments of 2015 // Minneapolis Lifestyle Wedding and Senior Photographer

2015 was a really big year for me. 

I know everyone says that every year and then they revel in all their accomplishments, personal development, and other thrilling life stories that made their year one of a kind. Then, they thank all their family and friends that supported them along the way and say they can't wait for what 2016 has to bring. BRING IT ON 2016, they say. BRING IT ON. 

Well, what they don't tell you is that all big accomplishments come with some level of disappointment or hardship. I try my best to be as transparent with you all, however, in my creative world of beautiful aesthetics and perfectly crafted images, it's hard to keep up those appearances. While I don't think I portray my life as perfect or in the #LiveAuthentic sort of way, I still think there are people out there who think my life is some sort of perfect concoction of beauty and never ending excitement.  

Well, it's not, and 2015 has taught me that more than any other year and I am totally okay with that.

Here's what made my 2015 bigger (and scarier) than previous years:

  • I graduated college a year and a half early from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities with a B.A in Strategic Communications, Magna Cum Laude (Now I'm apart of the real world. Scary).
  • I moved into a lofted artist community downtown Minneapolis with my boyfriend (Taking the relationship to the next level. Scary).
  • I turned 21 (What's scary is the price of good alcohol).

With all these exciting (and scary!) moments in my life, one could say I'm finally #adulting. While I've always prided myself on my maturity and high level of responsibilities, I truly believe 2015 was a growing year for me. To me, #adulting is more than moving into your first apartment, paying your own bills, and graduating college. It's becoming vulnerable to the unpredictable world out there. It's about growing compassionate and empathetic towards others, especially those outside your own comfortable circle. It's about growing selfless for the people you love. It's about learning to be okay with life's fabulous imperfections. 

As my perspective on the real world matures, my perspective for photography also changes. I'm less worried about the technical and perfection, and more focused on the raw and authentic beauty that comes from imperfection. I want my images to evoke the movement and depth that comes from passion and love, and I think I'm a few steps closer to achieving that. I also had the honor of second shooting for some of MN's best such as Matt Lien, Geneoh, and 2nd Truth. It's other photographers like these who are constantly inspiring me to never stop. 

While I am never going to be satisfied with what I do, that hunger is what will drive me to continue to improve myself. 2016 is already looking up to be a year of exploration, challenge, and even more growth.


I am currently booking for 2016 weddings and would love to help tell your story in the most authentic, creative, and empathetic way I know how to. 


Mackenzi // Class of 2016

yup, I blogged her again.

she's just that exceptional.

I literally owe my whole senior season to this girl. In May, we did this mock senior shoot and I told her to tell her friends about me. I didn't expect much to come out of it, maybe get 3 or 4 girls from her, because many of my photographer friends have done senior reps before and did not get the results they wanted. Well, Mackenzi delivered. She delivered good. I can attribute 90% of my seniors to this girl. I dunno if it's her stunning good looks, if she's super popular at her school, or her warm, genuine personality. Whatever it was, she rocks.

I decided to blog her real senior photos because I feel like they're even better than the first time around. It might be one of my favorite senior shoots to date. I think what made this shoot so successful is the fact that she and I really click. Like, really click.  We talked like normal friends would. We did weird things like normal friends would. We goofed around like normal friends would.

She truly gets what I'm trying to do: stray away from the normal senior photo. I'm not trying to make you into a super model. I'm not trying to make you look perfect. I'm not trying to make you into something you're not. I'm trying to showcase you in the most genuine, raw, and real way. I want to shed light on what makes you, you. This is the kind of stuff that gets created when photographer + client are so in sync with each other. This is the kind of stuff that I strive to produce and send out into the world. This is the good stuff.

Thanks Kenz for being so kick ass and for reviving my love for photography. <3

Nico // Class of 2016

I reached out to my good friend, Lailah, and asked her if she knew any upcoming seniors with killer style. She gave me a few names and I reached out to a few, including Nico. 

Nico and I met on a exceptionally warm and sunny Tuesday afternoon. He told me that his mom said our moms used to work together! Quickly, I attempted to remember the ladies my mom worked with way back in the day, and then it clicked. "WHAT!?! You're little Nico with the curly hair!?" I exclaimed. Turns out, Nico and I used to be daycare buddies while our moms worked, but all I really remember is his mom feeding him Kraft Mac and Cheese (yumzzz) with sliced up hot dogs. 15 years later, he's going to be a senior in high school and I'm taking his photos. It's crazy how small the world is.

Nico is going to be a senior next year! Oh, how time flies! I will be taking applications for the Class of 2016 very very soon (as soon as I find out about summer internships) so email me if you're interested in me shooting your seniors