Nico // Class of 2016

I reached out to my good friend, Lailah, and asked her if she knew any upcoming seniors with killer style. She gave me a few names and I reached out to a few, including Nico. 

Nico and I met on a exceptionally warm and sunny Tuesday afternoon. He told me that his mom said our moms used to work together! Quickly, I attempted to remember the ladies my mom worked with way back in the day, and then it clicked. "WHAT!?! You're little Nico with the curly hair!?" I exclaimed. Turns out, Nico and I used to be daycare buddies while our moms worked, but all I really remember is his mom feeding him Kraft Mac and Cheese (yumzzz) with sliced up hot dogs. 15 years later, he's going to be a senior in high school and I'm taking his photos. It's crazy how small the world is.

Nico is going to be a senior next year! Oh, how time flies! I will be taking applications for the Class of 2016 very very soon (as soon as I find out about summer internships) so email me if you're interested in me shooting your seniors