Jenna + Michael // In-home Cuddle Session

There's literally nothing more satisfying than coming home to the one you love most. I never wanted to be "that" girl who spent every dying moment with her boyfriend and while I still make time for myself and my friends, sometimes all I want to do is snuggle on the couch with Mykel. When squished on our tiny Ikea couch watching Netflix, my right facing impending doom (aka on the brink of loosing feeling cause I'm almost always big spoon), and facing the uncomfortable situation of needing to pee, I still feel most at home- when I'm with him. I guess I never knew what this was like until I started spending even more time with him and eventually moved in. To have someone who can support you so you can conquer the world, to have someone who you can be lazy with, to have someone who becomes so selfless because they love you so, and yes, to have someone to have burping contests with is a pretty damn great thing. Once you find that person, you'll want to spend all your time with them, trust me. 

To also have a space that is uniquely the both of yours, where you spend you time pouring your passions and love into is also a pretty damn great thing. I've been wanting to do an in-home portrait session with a couple for ages. There's only so much intimacy that can be portrayed outside on a backlit field or urban parking garage. What better way to show authenticity than shoot in the place where any one person is most vulnerable? If I've learned anything recently, it's that vulnerability equals authenticity. As uncomfortable as that might seem, especially when it comes to photography, becoming vulnerable in front of the camera is what allows all those feelings to come out. 

So, I was thinking how the heck I make two lovers vulnerable... have them take off their clothes, duh. There's something so sensual + intimate about two lovers + two bodies. I'm not talking about naked bodies in the over-sexualized way that our culture has made them out to be and I'm not talking about sex. I'm talking about two people who love each other more than they could ever image. I'm talking about when two bodies come together and that feeling of electricity and sweet passion... that warmth that is so comforting you'll never want to leave. 

Jenna and Michael are just that.

He came home from a 9 hour shift that morning. He was tired. He was overworked. 

She had come home from a full wedding weekend, including a wedding in Iowa. She was tired. She was overworked. 

However, when these two came together, there was nothing but sweet giggles, tender kisses, and quiet relaxation. They were finally together after a long weekend. You could sense the love + care + respect these two have for each other. They were home. 

Thank you two for getting down to your skivvies and showing me just how much you love each other. Also, thanks for having a really freakin' awesome loft + for having killer style.

Going forward, I'm challenging myself to showcase my couples in the most genuine + intimate way and I think I'm off to a decent start.