Somer // Minneapolis Senior Photographer

On my contact form, I ask inquiring clients why they want me to tell their story. Usually, the more in-depth and thoughtful response, the better, but I typically get something along the lines of "I love how natural your photos look," or "your style is so unique, but still so candid." While it's assuring to know I'm doing something right, the messages that stray from that often catch my eye.

Somer's message was something along the lines of, "I'm obsessed with Tessa Barton's work and yours reminds me of it."

stop it.

a high school senior who A) knows who Tessa Barton is and B) thinks my style is similar.

stop it.

Somer, you're my girl.

Her interest and desire for a Free People inspired, high energy, and fashion infused shoot was what originally caught my attention, however, I soon realized it was her genuine aura and happy vibes that really made her my type of senior girl. This girl is not only filled with warmth and gratitude, is not only gorgeous, but can also bring it on set. Every spectrum of her lovely personality is captured here from the sassy, to the lively, and the bold to the fearless. 

I am now booking for the Class of 2017! However, please note that there are very limited amount of sessions due to my new full time job. Your best bet to to visit the contact section and shoot me a message on why you want me to help tell your story, and your favorite internet video. Let's create something rad, babes!