Camille // Class of 2016

This past winter was a bit crazy for me. I was busy busting my butt in order to graduate. I did it. Magna Cum Laude, in fact. After graduation, I busted my butt to apply to countless jobs. I got rejected from countless jobs, but finally found one at an advertising agency downtown. Woo!

Even with a full time job, I am still drawn to photography. In fact, I need photography now more than ever. For me, photography is like my outlet, and while I love my new job, sitting at a desk is something I'm not used to and something I don't ever want to get used to. I need to get out, move, and create in my own way.

I am taking on senior clients this summer and fall, however, my availability is extremely limited. Time is more precious now more than ever, and so I want to be able to spend my free time having fun and doing what I love. I want to be able to shoot with people who understand my style and share my passion for the unconventional. I know my style isn't for everyone, and that I appeal to a certain type of senior girl. These girls need to be bold, vivacious thrill seekers. They need to want more than that one standard yearbook image. Instead, they want a collaborative, creative, and unique experience with images that go beyond the norms of the standard senior photo. 

Camille is the epitome of that girl. What I appreciated about Camille was her assertiveness about the vision for her shoot. She knew exactly what she wanted, and had the style to back it up. During her shoot, I could sense something inside of her that almost reminded me of myself. Her relentless drive to succeed and stand out is something I was drawn to. I've loved watching her grow throughout her senior year, and wish her the best of luck in whatever she does!

I am now taking on clients for the class of 2017! I am also offering a discount for those who book for the months of May or June. Contact me for all the juicy details.