Minnesota wedding photographer

Ethan & Emma // Minneapolis Wedding Photographer


This one idea has influenced Ethan & Emma’s lives as individuals and wholeheartedly in their lives as partners. Their love for their communities is the root of their existence, and this was very apparent on their wedding day. With the help of the staff from WEI, they grew most of the food that nourished our bodies that evening and the florals that elevated the occasion. They incorporated elements of each of their own family’s foundation into the day, hers being music, and his their Irish heritage. Overall, they made their day completely theirs and allowed themselves to be present in the company of their community.


Venue: Women’s Environmental Institute
Dress: White Room
Florals: Fern & Floret
Catering: Chez Bell Catering
Rentals: Après
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: BHLDN
Groomsmen’s Outfitting: Michael Kors & Stillwater Kilts

Hanna + Robb // Stillwater Engagement

I like to shoot with couples that embody everything that I'm trying to do as a photographer. I want to capture your story. No one else's. Just you being the incredible freakin' human being that you are. 

My ideal clients are vivacious people who are curious, adventurous, and compassionate about the world around them. They push each other to dig deeper, go further, and to never be satisfied with the status quo. When I'm photographing couples, I want all the good vibes, love, and passion to ooze out them. I want to feel their love radiate and to experience the couple for who they are. If they're into fart jokes and sarcastic jabs, I'm all about that. If they're into all the romance and passion, I'm so into that too. I want my couples to gimme all their good, yummy love just as it is.

Hanna + Robb did just that and they're ridiculously good lookin' on top of that. HOT DAMN!

I think that makes Hanna + Robb's love so freakin' good is their selflessness and compassion towards the other person. They understand each other's love language and act upon that with random surprises, passion projects, and quality time. 

*These two aren't actually engaged, but I gotta say it in the title for that good ol' SEO, ya know? I know you just got really excited, but that ring will have to wait... for now*

Isaac + Jenifer // North Shore Wedding

These two.

They're the perfect mixture of weird, quirky, witty, and totally 'effing in love.

When you have a groom who actually wants to do sunset photos, you know he's a good match for you. 

When you have a bride who has a flower crown and decks out her reception in eucalyptus, you know she's a good match for you. 

When you have a groom who entertains his partner by talking to her in funny southern accents, you know he's a good match for you.

When you have a bride that intentionally picks out a flowy wedding dress so the winds of the North Shore can get crazy with that thing, you know she's a good match for you.

And when you have a bride and groom that randomly start spitting out Kanye West lyrics in the middle of their portraits, you know they're the best match for you. 

Second Shooter: Lindsey Kusterman

Dress: The Wedding Shoppe

Suit: Macy's

Tailoring: Tailoring by Norma 

Florist: Saffron and Grey

Venue: Larsmont Cottages

Catering: Ledge Rock Grille

Videography: Josh Collins

Hair/Makeup: Fitger's salon

Cake: How Sweet It Is Cakes - (These guys were really great at accomodating Isaac's special dietary needs. They were able to make a gluten, soy, dairy, and egg free cake. And it tasted pre' dang good too!)