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Rebekah + Spencer

I've always been a pretty simple person. I can remember my mother telling me at such a young age that "less is more," and while I nodded and agreed with her at the time, I whole heartedly agree with her now. Mom, you're always right.

The same thing goes for weddings. I've been to more weddings than any 21 year old ever should. I've seen a lot of different types too. From the traditional church ceremony and hotel reception, to the ultra sparkly + glam country club ordeal, and the intimate backyard weddings. My favorite weddings have always, always, always been the ones that aren't the huge, glam, and snazzy ordeals. Instead, I love the weddings that aren't forced or some huge made up production. They're genuine, warm, and imperfect in the best way.

I absolutely gravitate towards the couples who are untraditional and simple. They could honestly care less about the table seatings or making their wedding look like it came out of a bridal magazine. I'm not saying I don't appreciate pretty weddings. I do. I love pretty weddings. But, for me, I'm trying to document your day in the most authentic way. The details from your wedding have nothing to do with your love story. Sure, I care about the aesthetics, definitely, but I care more about you and your fiance. Your love. The love your family and friends have for you. Your happiness. Your story. 

Rebekah and Spencer were the epitome of my ideal client. First off, they had their wedding at the Bachelor Farmer in the North Loop. With an absolute maximum limit of 50 guests, Rebekah and Spencer only invited the people they truly cared about. These were the people who truly impacted their lives in the best way. There was no fluff. No bull shit. No drama.

Secondly, these two strayed completely away from the traditional black tux and sparkly white wedding dress. He wore a nicely fitted navy suit and she wore a black chiffon evening gown from Saks. Rebekah didn't feel the need to fit into the old wedding tradition of wearing the white dress. Instead, she wore something she was comfortable in and something that felt more "her". There was no glitz. No fuss. No pretending.

Thirdly, their ceremony was literally two minutes long. Their friend, who officiated the ceremony, read a profound poem then Rebekah and Spencer read their vows, kissed, and went on to celebrating. They even left their rings at home because they didn't need a tangible object to define their love and respect for each other.

Lastly, their portraits were spot on. I had nearly an hour to run around the North Loop with these two. It was great. You could tell they cared about getting great photos, however, they were so nonchalant about the whole thing. They never took themselves too seriously, but had the perfect mixture of intimate + romantic moments and the goofy + happy ones. 

Rebekah + Spencer's day was the most refreshing wedding to date. They did exactly what they wanted to and didn't let old traditions get in the way of what they wanted to do. There was nothing but love, meaningful chats, and good vibes the whole night. Oh, and the craft cocktails and delicious food was an added bonus.