Mary // Class of 2017 // Minneapolis Senior Photographer

Mary, oh Mary. What can I say about Mary?

First, she's a total sweetheart. I cannot even begin to tell you how genuine and compassionate this girl is. I can tell she's the type of girl everyone wants to be friends with simply because she takes the time to want to get to know you, to want to be your friend, and to want to be involved with you.

Secondly, she's a total babe. I mean look at her. Enough said.

Thirdly, she's the exact type of senior I want to be photographing. Yes she's pretty, stylish, and yes she's bubbly, but she's more than just that. She's smart. She's independent. She's involved (SADD, volunteering, basketball, humanitarian work, just to name a few) She works hard and goes for what she wants, but doesn't take herself or life too seriously. I loved working with Mary because she's confident in who she is and isn't afraid of being herself. She and I even share the same pet peeve of when people walk too slow (I mean, okay, have you ever been on a narrow sidewalk and don't know exactly how to pace yourself with the person walking ahead of you?!?!?)

If you haven't seen this kick ass video that my friend Kyle Morgan put together for me, watch it below. It gives you an inside look into how my senior shoots really go down. We're not doing weird poses or anything forced. Instead, we talk, laugh, and I might even sing "Work" to you and attempt to dance along. 

My girl Jen is on hair and makeup, and kills it per usual. Jen does an awesome job at highlighting all your beautiful features without transforming you into someone you're not. She's spunky, wild, and a ton of fun, so you should totally have her along for the ride too. 

I can't wait for the Class of 2017. If you're like Mary and want an individualized, fashion forward, and full of life type of senior shoot, I just might be the photographer for you. I would love to get to hang out with you for a few hours and genuinely get to know you, while you find out all the weird things about me (like how much I love obese cats, have a strange obsession with 90s r+b, and just how ungraceful I really am enough though I was a gymnast).

I can't wait to meet all you babes!

I'd love to learn your story. Let's get chattin'