We bend over backwards to imposed boundaries, sacrificing self to support fragility.
We scrape for worthiness, devaluing and degrading ourselves.
Fabricated by their gaze, we bear the shame of our sexuality.
Permanently imperfect.

Viewed as accessories, we adhere to dangerous and limiting standards.
We sacrifice self to support our fragile counterparts.
We bend over backwards for worthiness in the eyes of our oppressors all while degrading and devaluing ourselves.

Backbend is a feminist photo exploration about the experiences of cis-gendered women*

If these photos & words resonated, let your lived experience be felt at the polls November 6. We need to amplify fearless female and femme voices by any means necessary.

*I will not claim to understand or completely empathize the experiences of a trans or non-binary person. I, as a cis woman, wanted to specifically denote this as the team and I only can speak for what we’ve experienced as cis-gendered people. I am an ally towards trans and non-binary folk, and would love the opportunity to further explore the trans or non-binary experience in a similar artful and editorial manor. For starters, check out this analog set I shot over a year ago featuring three beautiful trans or non-binary humans and a brief look at their experiences.

I am also always looking for new & diverse talent to shoot with. I’d love to get in touch if you have a compelling story and are willing to fully tell that story in an artful way, get in touch.


photo & direction: diana albrecht
styling: jalyn rose
hmua: cristina ziemer
talent: ashlee blake