Amy + Zack

These babes. Together. Non-Stop Laughing.

It's ridiculous. 

I guess that's what happens when you've known each other since the freakin' 7th grade. Yes, the 7th grade. After many years of tutoring each other (and a lot of flirting) they finally made it official in the 11th grade and have been together ever since. Seven years later, Zack finally proposed to Amy with this KILLER Heidi Gibson Gatsby-inspired ring. He did a good job. He knows it too, and won't let people forget that. 

I've known Amy for a year or two now. She's a fellow photographer friend of mine. While we've bonded over both the glory and struggles of photography, life, food, and coffee, I had yet to meet Zack.  He had to have been a cool guy if Amy had kept him around for seven years, right?

Oh yes he is.

Zack + Amy together are dynamic. In some ways they're opposite: He's tall. She's short. He's an accountant. She's a photographer. However, when these two beautiful souls come together, it's nothing more than silly laughs, tender kisses, and tons and tons of goofing around. When Amy is with Zack, she lights up and her smile radiates her surrounding environment. You can tell that Zack truly cares for, respects, and loves Amy in the most genuine way.

Case Study #1: 20 minutes before their session was supposed to start, it started POURING in Minneapolis. As I looked outside my window, I saw the poor little souls on the street attempt to run for safety. A few didn't make it out alive, that's how bad it was. Okay, it wasn't thaaaat bad, but still. The weather was not an ideal situation. Amy and I were texting to try and figure out what exactly to do. She was stressed. I was stressed. There wasn't really a good date to reschedule. We had to shoot that night. BUT THE WEATHER WAS BEING SO CRUEL TO US. Later, Amy told me that she was more on the angry side because of this situation. Much like I would do in this situation, she became very stubborn and didn't even want to shoot! However, Zack told her everything was going to be alright and to stop worrying. I don't know if he had a little chat with the weather gods up there, or what, but the clouds cleared and we were left with the KILLER light. It was Zack's words and comfort that allowed Amy to calm down and de-stress. I told him that telling her it would all be okay was probably the best thing to say in any situation like this (words of wisdom to the fellows out there, hint, hint). 

I can't wait to see what the future holds for these two. Here's to 7 more years of happiness and love (times an eternity, duh).

PS: I'M NOW BOOKING 2016 WEDDINGS! If you wanna get goofy with me, let's chat.