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Molly + Michael // Portland Elopement Photographer

Portland Elopement Photographer // Molly + Michael

Molly + Michael love wholeheartedly, with selflessness and an unwavering amount of support for each other. This was evident in our short, but incredibly difficult journey to our destination. We loved the idea of shooting at a waterfall that not hadn't been the background for an elopement, and we soon found out why.... 

There's nothing like going off trail all while hauling a wedding dress, tux, florals, and camera gear, all while raining (duh, PNW weather). Add in Spyder Man-eqsue crawling up the rocks, a few wrong turns, and voila: the adventure elopement you've all been waiting for. It's what Instagram really doesn't show you. Was it worth it? Oh, totally.

I'll shut up now. 

V E N D O R  C R E D I T S
Photography: D.Albrecht Photography
Dress: Nature of Isa
Hair/Makeup: Ilona K
Florals: Floral Designs by Alicia
Jewelry: Anthropologie

Allie + Edward // Cape Kiwanda Elopement

Cape Kiwanda Elopement. Cape Kiwanda: My newest favorite place on this planet. It reminded me of just how small we really are. The crashing of the waves. The erosion of the rocks. The deep, unexpected colors. Seriously. This place has my heart.

Kiwanda was a perfect place for Allie + Edward to elope. Their connection is so organic and free-forming. Their love so adventurous and fulfilling. I love couples like this who are willing to do something different for their day. They don't need the fuss and frill of a traditional wedding day, but instead want to celebrate their love in the most freakin' amazing place on this planet. 

Let's go and elope, babes. 

V E N D O R  C R E D I T S

Dress: The Nature of Isa

Hair/Makeup: Austie Eckley

Florals:  Floral Designs by Alicia