Jenna // California Dunes

I'm not a spontaneous person, though, I do wish I was. I have to carefully analyze things before I can make a decision, and even then, I still suck at making decisions. Maybe carefully analyze is a strong choice of words, but I do like to think of possible outcomes of my decision. I'm a freak, I know. Love me anyways. 

When Ben Sasso announced his new workshop called Heck Yeah Photo Camp along with the lineup of kick ass photographer speakers, I immediately pooped my pants in excitement. Dylan and Sara. Lara Jade. Jonas Peterson. And my all time favorite, Gabe McClintock. Those are all poop your pants worthy names and some of the big names in the industry that I look up to for inspiration. In this situation, I could have mulled over whether or not I should travel thousands of miles to photo camp in which I know no one and whether or not I'd be "good enough" for it or whatever other crap I thought about for .000002 seconds. Instantly, I knew I should go. "Another graduation present for myself," I thought (I tend to forget I spent $700 on a tattoo and another $400 on a plane ticket to NYC to get said tattoo). 

My girl Jenna Mahr decided to come along 'cause she too couldn't resist the goodness that is Lara Jade, and what a surprise, she instantly becomes the muse of every single damn person at camp. Look at her. She's like real life Khaleesi.

We befriended this rad dude named Kyle and he organized this killer desert queen shoot at the dunes after camp. His rendition of the dune shoot can be found here. Yours truly even makes an appearance or two. Can I call myself the real life Asian Khaleesi? 

I would normally much rather be behind the camera, so in between shots, I took these.