boom island

Hannah // Class of 2017

The thrifting queen in all her glory. 

"Yeah, I got this for like three bucks at the thrift store," as her freckled face erupts with joy and pride.


Whoever said you gotta spend a crap ton of money to look good was full of it. As a high school senior it's sometimes hard to get wrapped up in the constant everyday struggle of looking good, or even as a female in day and age of social media, looking good for the 'gram is equally as important. But there's a uniqueness about Hannah that doesn't allow her to give into the everyday pressures. Thrift Queen is a name I'd like to own someday (to go alongside the heavily coveted Nap Queen).

This girl knows whats up. 

There was an enthusiasm and confidence I appreciated about Hannah as well. She's oh so down to earth and went along with my scattered antics and experimental adventures. She even thought my signing and dancing was entertaining, so you know she's got a great sense of humor.  Hugs + kisses to such a special gal. 

Don't forget about my girl Jen on that hair and make up. She adds the ssszzzzzz in the sizzle.