Clara // Class of 2018

Minneapolis Senior Photographer

A stunning example of an amazing soul, an individual with a relentless fire, this girl has a lot going for her and I cannot wait to see what she does.

I've severely slowed down the amount of shooting I've been doing, and questioned whether or not to keep going. However, it's girls like Clara that really make me want to keep going. She's her own person with a stunning point of view and unique style. She's vivacious, quirky, but so genuine.  We worked together to create a shoot that embodied her and only her. 

With that said, I'm opening my books to a very limited number of seniors this year. There will probably be a lot of questionably funny jokes from yours truly, definitely some killer dance moves, and a ton of adventure in the city. Oh, and we'll take some photos too. Holler at your girl if this sounds like a senior experience you want.