Gretchen // Minneapolis Senior Photographer // Class of 2017

Minneapolis Senior Photographer

Gretchen, the ballerina who loves Chance the Rapper. How gracefully juxtaposed. 

In high school, when I would tell people that I was a gymnast, they'd always retort, "Oh, I can definitely tell." To this day, I'm not quite sure if those remarks were a good or bad thing. Maybe it was my astounding work ethic or the fact that I beat all the boys in push up contests... However, when I say, I can definitely tell that Gretchen is a dancer, I mean it in the most admirable way possible. I mean look at that toe point and those calves! *jealous*

Gretchen carries herself with such poise, it's hard to remember that she's in high school. With a warm smile, and genuine curiosity, she sees the world in such a beautiful light. Then, I ask her what she's jamming out to nowadays, and she replies, "Chance," with a sheepish smile. Heck yeah, girl. Next thing I know, we're dancing to Chance the Rapper in some abandoned parking lot in NE Minneapolis. Let me remind you, I'm dancing next to a trained ballerina and my dance moves are limited to the fist pump, Charlie Brown, and other awkward flailing. Not sure if you'd actually call that dancing, but we had a good time anyways.

Gretchen embodies the types of seniors I love to shoot. She's a leader in her school and dance community. She loves wholeheartedly and has a deep sense of maturity about herself as well. Not only is she stylish, but she uses her individual style to set herself apart. She didn't shy away from the camera, and allowed herself to fully "be" during her shoot. I hope she looks back at these images and can say, "That was totally me at 17 years old."

I am now booking for the Class of 2018! I'd love to tell the stories of all you rock star gals out there in a loving and genuine way. Contact me for all the goodies and details.